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Are you traveling by road to Bogota?

Nowadays and it will always be a plan to travel around Colombia and travel by road its different sites to know the wonders and landscapes that our country offers to all travelers. From the Caribbean Coast, Medellin, Cali or Manizales it is easy to travel to Bogota, but also to get to our hotel quickly and safely.

We have prepared a series of tips for you to keep in mind when organizing your road trip to Bogota, alone, with friends or family.

- First you should make a preventive check of your car: brakes, oil levels, tires, documents.
- Find out about the state of the road, route options, tolls and distance to calculate gas consumption to Bogota.
- Pack what you need: clothes, accessories, basic items for your trip and stay away from home.
- The ideal is to travel with three passengers, for comfort. If you are traveling long distances, we suggest that one of them also knows how to drive.
- Carry food in the car: snacks, drinks...
- Permanently check the gas level. Do not let it go below half. There are places where the distance between one pump and another is very long.
- Check that your arrival hotel has a parking service. We have at your disposal one of the largest hotel parking lots in Bogota.
- Road kit is basic. Check that it meets all the requirements.
- If you are traveling at night, be careful to check the state of your headlights and taillights. At the same time, try to drive the high beams properly.
- Never lose sight of your car, do not leave it parked far from you and even less abandoned. You may be surprised.
- Usually on the road to the center of the country or Bogota you will find police or army checkpoints, try to be aware of the traffic in both directions and the police radio station on the radio.

That's it! Enjoy the Colombian roads. In Ghl Style Bogotá Occidente we have excellent facilities for the parking of your vehicle as well as for a safe stay for you and your companions.

We are located in the Siberia de Cota sector. Via Medellin

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