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Puebleando en la Sabana de Bogotá


“Puebleando” with GHL Bogotá Occidente.

To the northwest of Bogotá, leaving on Calle 80 or the well-known Medellín Highway, next to the Siberian bridge, it has been located for a year, the GHL STYLE BOGOTÁ OCCIDENTE. A hotel that responds to the needs of those travelers looking for hotels in cota, in the savannah or on the outskirts of Bogotá; a 127-room hotel that welcomes all Colombian travelers to the city who, from Medellin, the Caribbean coast and different regions of the country arrive in the capital and enter that route.

At the same time, the hotel also becomes a starting point for Bogota citizens who, tired of noise and capital stress but who are unable to get away for very long periods of their obligations, look for options near the city for their pleasure and rest. From GHL Bogotá Occidente it is possible to travel and enjoy a region rich in gastronomy, culture, crafts, architecture and colonial tradition, climates and landscapes.
The invitation is to discover the northwest of the Bogota savanna with GHL Style Bogotá Occidente, so we have designed and prepared four routes that you will surely enjoy in a full and fun weekend, as a couple, friends and / or family.


It is the classic tour of the region. They are municipalities that still have the vocation of cundinamarqueses towns but that the population growth of the city has caused that they have grown exponentially in the last years. Despite this, its offer of restaurants is still attractive, especially those located on the road that connects them. They still have very beautiful natural landscapes that will surely free you and give you a break. The main park of Cota, the center and the Church of Chia, the Valvanera chapel and the main park of Cajicá are the main attractions of this route. For those who want to go a little further, on this route they can reach Zipaquirá and visit the Salinas de Sal of the municipality, one of the architectural, tourist heritage of Colombia.


It is the most traditional route in the area. Tenjo and Tabio still preserve that village life, the countryside of the small town houses, those of yesteryear. The main park of Tenjo, with its churches and colonial houses, seems to be taken from a postcard that stopped in time. A photo there is mandatory and if you take it in black and white it will seem from another era. 15 minutes from there we arrive at Tabio, a corner of peace and kindness. Enjoy a delicious dessert, a good hot coffee, walk its central park, its cobbled streets to the municipal forum, visit its hot springs and the botanical garden make it a perfect plan.

Afterwards, the same road will take us to Subachoque, one of the most beautiful villages in Cundinamarca. Standing in front of your church or in the center of the main park and eating a good ice cream is part of the suggestion. The visitor will find many restaurants of all kinds, cafes, handicraft stores. A part is a friendly town with the visitor, wide streets, good parking areas and natural landscapes that make it a plan to repeat.

Finally, this route takes us to El Rosal, a municipality on the highway to Medellín, with a very commercial vocation.


It is perhaps the most populated area of ​​the routes proposed by GHL Bogotá Occidente. The municipalities still retain some colonial heritage of their architecture, especially in the center. Its main parks, churches and government buildings are preserved. Of great commercial and industrial vocation they have slowly become municipalities dormitories of Bogota, but also with beautiful cultural attractions.


On the Medellín highway, there is El Rosal, where you can get gas, take money from the ATM, buy a snack and take a route that will not only take you to change the landscape, but also the weather. This route is designed for those who want and want to change the environment. Arriving at LA Vega, 35 minutes away from the hotel, the thermal sensation is already different, the need for a cold beer and a swimming pool becomes latent. Restaurant of all budgets and for all tastes is located on the road or in the municipality. Further, with an additional 30 minutes, passing a toll, we find Villeta, the capital of panela. There the gastronomic offer is immense, little pool - passed everywhere. Good move in the central park where you will surely want to enjoy a good slush.

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