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Sabana de Bogotá, experiencia de sabores


Bogotá, “an experience full of flavors”

Leaving the Colombian capital by car allows us to change the environment, routine and habits. Just one hour, either from the south or the west, it is possible to change the weather, landscapes, air. Only 20 minutes by the Medellín highway, in the Siberian sector, visitors and Bogotans find one of the best options to enjoy and learn about the surroundings of the city, while living the best accommodation experience at

In the vicinity of Ghl Style Bogotá Occidente it is possible to tour and enjoy Cundiboyacense cuisine and the towns or municipalities of the savanna of Bogotá. In municipalities such as Cota and Chia that, although in recent years they have lost that “vocation of small town” that characterized them, it is still possible to find peasant restaurants and typical regional food. The same goes a little further south in Funza and Mosquera, municipalities that due to their proximity to the city have grown a lot in recent years but that surely have much more to offer their visitors.

But if in reality the goal is to get away from the city a little more, lose a couple of days or a weekend enjoying nature and tranquility, definitely Tenjo and Tabio are the best options. On the road it is possible to find all kinds of restaurants, for all prices, tastes and budgets. Typical local food, grandmothers desserts. Millenary preparations will make this destination an unforgettable experience. The famous chop, which is usually made of pork, black pudding and Creole potatoes, for example, soups of all kinds, as well as very homemade desserts such as the famous curd with melao and strawberries with sabaneras cream will surely be part of their diet while touring these municipalities ... or how about a couple of roasted cobs accompanied by a delicious glass of corn or rice masato, typical indigenous preparation, Muisca heritage, who once inhabited the area. Tabio and Tenjo for example were indigenous settlements and their foundation as villages dates back to 1603.

Another thing is if you decide to travel the road that takes you from GHL Style Bogotá Occidente to Villeta. The mountainous landscape will allow you to change the weather in a few minutes, so to begin with, you should carry a suitcase prepared with warm weather clothing. At the same time the food and drinks will surely be different. Along the way you will find restaurants specializing in roasts, specialized in meat, with mandatory stops to taste and buy fruits such as watermelon, soursop and mango, which according to the season are harvested in that area, the same orange or the famous panela de Villeta, municipality where in the main park you will taste a delicious raspao, (ice with ice cream, honey and condensed milk).

The invitation is to visit the Bogotá Savannah with Ghl Style Bogotá Occidente, a hotel located approximately 30 minutes from the El Dorado International Airport, just outside the Colombian capital, in the middle of an unforgettable landscape. The hotel offers 128 rooms designed to enjoy a quiet and relaxed stay, with additional services such as gym and event rooms. Of course, you can not leave without enjoying hopefully a romantic dinner at the hotel's Cook's Restaurant, taste its menu which will surely surprise you.

By John Mikan - 3comunicacionesco

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