Bogotá Planetarium

The Bogotá Planetarium is a cultural and scientific dissemination stage of the District Institute of the Arts - Idartes, and its mission is to bring, inspire and promote scientific culture in an understandable and entertaining way, through experiences that involve art, science and the technology.

Bolívar Square in Bogotá

The Plaza de Bolívar has been the center of the country's history. It was a public market and bull circus, among other things, and a wide variety of cultural and social events still take place there. This public space, which at Christmas is decorated with thousands of colored lights, is framed by buildings such as the Liévano Palace, the National Capitol and the Primate Cathedral.

Gold Museum

The Gold Museum located in the historic center of Bogotá is a space to learn about the history of gold and other metals in pre-Hispanic societies and to learn about the culture, worldview, tools, clothing and rituals of those communities.

Monserrate Hill

Located at 3,152 meters high in the Eastern Hills, Monserrate is the most visited sacred place in Bogotá, in charge of guarding the city. It can be reached on foot, by cable car or by funicular. Its Sanctuary of the Fallen Lord, of great religious value, is visited by thousands of Catholic pilgrims.

Simon Bolivar Central Park

The Simón Bolívar metropolitan park is the most important in the city due to its large area and its strategic location in the heart of Bogotá. It has large green spaces with a vast variety of tree species. It has a series of scenarios that make it up and that are available for the enjoyment of citizens.
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